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*Fukuoka Chapterで販売される AIR FORCE 1 '07 MID SP / STÜSSYは、店舗での清算後、後日ご指定の住所への発送となります。

*AIR FORCE 1 '07 MID SP / STÜSSY sold at Fukuoka Chapter, will be shipped at a later date after payment is made at the store.

5/14 (土) 午前9時 / Saturday, May 14th, 9:00 AM


A raffle will be held to determine the order of entry into the store, a raffle ticket will be give out in the order of those lined up by 9:00 AM on the day of the release.
Please note that guests arriving after 9:00 AM will not be able to participate in the raffle for any reason.

Raffle tickets with numbers and time will be handed out in the order in which they are drawn.
Please reassemble in front of the store entrance at the stated time on the raffle ticket.
Please enter the store in order of your number. Please follow the guidance of the staff as you will be asked to line up again.

(身分証明書:運転免許証、パスポート、写真付き住民基本台帳、写真付き学生証、外国人登録証明証、身体障がい者手帳、在留資格カード、Armed Forces Military Identification Card、マイナンバーカードのいずれか)
・If you are not at the designated place within the time indicated on the raffle ticket, the ticket will be invalid.
・Lost raffle tickets will be invalid. Numbers of customers who do not arrive within the designated time will also be invalid.
・If a staff member identifies a counterfeit raffle ticket, it will be void for any reason.
・We reserve the right to refuse to sell any items, regardless of whether they are inside or outside of the store, if we observe any money or goods being passed around or tout.
・Those who cause trouble or fail to follow the instructions of the staff will be invalidated.
・The raffle ticket only admits entry of the person himself/herself only. Companions without a raffle ticket will not be admitted.
・We will be asking for a valid Photo ID for verification. Photo IDs must not be expired. You can use any documents from the following list:
(Proof of Identity: Driver's License, Passport, Basic Resident Registration Card with Photo, Student Identification Card with Photo, Alien Registration Card, Physical Disability Identification Card, Residence Card, Armed Forces Military Identification Card, Individual Number Card)

注意事項 / NOTES
・抽選販売になりますので、前日PM6:00~当日AM7:00までのお並びはご遠慮下さい。また近隣のお店にご迷惑がかかる場合、トラブルなどが発生した場合には 急遽販売を中止させて頂く可能性がございます。
・Some customers may not purchase items due to size issues, etc. Therefore, we will place more raffle tickets than the number of products sold.
・The raffle will be used to determine the order of entry into the store. Please note that you may not be able to purchase your desired product or size depending on the number on your numbered admission ticket.
・One color per item per customer may be purchased in the order in which they enter the store
・ We will not be able to answer any phone inquiries regarding this release. Please refrain from calling the chapter stores.
・We will not be able to respond to inquiries regarding the quantity in stock or in-stock quantities.
・Please refrain from standing in line between 6:00 PM the day before and 7:00 AM on the day of the event, If there is any inconvenience to neighboring stores, or if there is any trouble, we may need to stop the sale at short notice.
・ No exchanges or returns will be accepted. Please note that defective products cannot be exchanged, and a refund will be issued.
・Due to COVID-19, sales dates and terms and conditions are subject to change.
・The raffle may be delayed or changed due to conditions on the day of the release. Please understand this in advance.
・Please be advised that the raffle may be cancelled for any reasons related to natural disasters or bad weather to ensure the safety of our customers. In such event, we shall not be responsible or liable for any accommodation fees, transportation fees, or any other expenses and costs incurred by the customer.
・We are not responsible for any trouble between customers or any other damage incurred by customers while waiting to enter the chapter store.
・We will do our best to have customers enter the chapter store as smoothly as possible, however, due to the expected large number of customers, you may have to wait a while before entering. We appreciate your understanding in advance.
・Re-entry into the store during the raffle will not be permitted.
・Please help maintain cleanliness of the surrounding areas.
・Please wear a mask when visiting the store to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please also note that you will be required to have your temperature taken and use a sanitizer before entering the store.
・Please note that we do not allow customers to try on products. Please understand this in advance.
・Please note that the above sales methods and rules may be subject to change due to unavoidable circumstances at the discretion of the staff on the day of the event.